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Gum Disease

Diagram of periodontitis and health toothPeriodontal Disease is also known as Gum Disease. It accounts for a majority of the tooth loss in adults. Do you have gum disease? Here are some early signs:
•  bleeding gums when brushing.
•  bleeding gums when flossing.
•  your gums are red or swollen, with signs of inflammation.

Bacteria in our mouth leads to tooth decay and then leads to gum disease. When this bacteria forms below the gumline it will eat away at the bond between your tooth and gum. This is what is known as a pocket. These pockets are the loosening of your teeth, and that is bad news. Pockets that are deeper than 3mm are serious and may require special treatment to remove the bacteria and plaque. Without treatment, gum disease will eventually weaken the bonds that hold the teeth in place and they can shift in your mouth or even fall out.

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